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The ACCTS Exploration Program (AEP) is for Christian cadets and midshipmen interested in meeting their counterparts in other countries’ militaries. AEP introduces future military leaders to international military ministry so that they can

  • View their military career as a calling from God;
  • Learn to integrate their faith with a military career and live out the Gospel as an ambassador for Christ;
  • Develop a vision for ministry to international military personnel;
  • Meet military Christian brothers and sisters from other nations; and,
  • Grow in knowledge of other countries’ history, culture, and value systems.
Description of the trips

On AEP mission trips, cadets and midshipmen meet members of the host country’s military Christian fellowship, visit the country’s military academies, and travel to historic and cultural sites with members of the host country’s military.

AEP spring trips are approximately seven days long and are conducted during the Spring Break of the sending school. ACCTS also offers two week summer AEP trips to the Far East, usually in June or July

Each year, ACCTS coordinates with military Christian fellowships around the world that are interested in hosting a group of U.S. cadets or midshipmen. It then works with cadets and midshipmen at military service academies and ROTC units through a local volunteer escort couple who facilitate preparations such as passports, visas, collecting funds, and meeting local school requirements, and who accompany the group on the trip.

The cost for an AEP trip varies with travel and included activity, but is approximately $2000, which includes airfare, lodging, and in-country expenses. Each AEP trip is limited to four cadets or midshipmen plus an escort couple.

How to Join an AEP Trip

To learn more about ACCTS’ AEP opportunities, call the ACCTS office at (800) 487-8108, or click here for email contact.
The documents below have important information about the program. If you decide to participate, please print, fill out and sign the Application and the Release Form and send them to us using mail, email or fax. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Lt Col(USAF, Ret.) Dean and Deena Mills - Academy Exploration Program Coordinator
Placeholder Lt Col (USAF, Ret.) Dean and Deena Mills coordinate ACCTS’ Academy Exploration programs, which inspire cadets, midshipmen, and young officers to catch the vision for international military ministry by taking them on mission trips and visiting international military academies. Dean began his walk with the Lord in 1980 as a cadet at the Air Force Academy. Deena renewed her walk with Christ that same year, and both got involved with Officers’ Christian Fellowship. Dean retired after a 22-year career in the air force, during which they served God together in the military community.
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